Our UK activities

Whereas the work of AGNAP in Guyana is concentrated almost exclusively upon helping healthcare workers and institutions, in the UK our activities are more diversified, focusing on (i) fundraising, (ii) our members’ social and pastoral needs and (iii) giving something back to the communities from which we derive our support.  That is not to say that there is not a considerable degree of overlap in almost all of our many and varies events.

That our UK activities appear to be centred mainly around Croydon and South London is explained simply by the fact that this is the area where the majority of our members and supporters reside – and this includes our tireless and most successful of fundraisers herself, Mrs Aileen Edwards.

Our fundraising events include:   

An annual Concert at Central Hall, Westminster.

The Annual Luncheon.

A biennial cruise. 

Food fairs, balls, socials and outings. 

Amongst our community activities are:

Annual church service.

Health fairs, seminars and the annual AGNAP Talk. 

AGNAP  “Pamper Yourself” day.